Promax Dental Laboratory

Professional Maximum in customer service to offer total outstanding solution to customers by providing consistent high quality、prompt delivery and reliable logistics.


We provide a wide range of high-quality dental prosthetic devices,our two principle product lines are fixed and removable restorations.


We ship your products out with our utmost care and efficiency possible. All of our customers time is valuable to us as if it were our own time.


We establish a reputation for providing our customers with the highest quality assurance products、remake and warranty policy.

About Us

Work station & Infrastructure.

Promax Dental Laboratory is a full service dental lab located in Zhuhai city, China, which is just adjacent to Macau and only 30 minutes by bus to HongKong. 

Along with years of professional outsourcing experience, Promax Dental Laboratory has strived to provide high consistent quality and best customer service for worldwide customers with full range of dental products, including PFM、Zirconia、Emax、Implant、CCP、Flexible partial、Acrylic partial 、Full denture、 3D printing models、Custom abutment and Orthodontics etc.

Work Environment

Our facility is located in Zhuhai city, we have more than 300 technicians work here, most of them are high skilled and dedicated to create the artistic work. We are an ISO13485:2016 certified dental lab, the clean、comfortable work environment and relaxed atmosphere guarantee that our employees work joyfully!

Professional Maximum in creating your confident smile!

- Promax Dental Laboratory

Precision and Consistency

Our highly trained technicians work under the highest standards to ensure that our clients receive the finest restorations crafted with Precision.

The consistency of our restorations guarantees that you and your patients are constantly satisfied.

Advanced Technology

We promote technological innovation and focus on training, establish a professional R & D team, introduce a large number of high-end digital equipment, cooperate with the world’s advanced dental technology to ensure stable quality and continuous technological improvement.